Beware the Slides of March! … or not! Join your fellow Northland nerds on Thursday March 28 for a great evening of learning, laughter, and lavender(?).

Nerd Nite Duluth welcomes three presenters to our stage:

Luke Moravec steps in to talk “A Million Miles of Mysteries: the Odometer on the Mystery Machine”

Alison Moffat will introduce many of us to MCU’s most powerful and entertaining avenger in “Eating Nuts & Kicking Butts: Marvel’s Unlikeliest Unbeatable Superhero”

Alexis Elder shares the not-quite-optimal performance and logical conundrums encountered by Generative AI in her presentation “Stanky Bean and the Stochastic Parrot: Understanding Issues in AI”

Doors open at 6:30. Show starts 7:00. Still only 5$ 

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