Nerd Nite: September 11!!!1!



Nerd Nite 15: March 13, 7:30

Nerd Nite is once again upon us!

It is our 2nd anniversary of Nerd Nite Duluth and we are overwhelmed with the support and positive vibes we’ve had thus far. Thanks to everyone who has come out to enjoy the nerdery and we look forward to continue making Duluth the nerdiest town in the ‘verse.

Next week’s Nerd Nite is filled with ponies, syrup, and Easter eggs! You won’t want to miss it. $5.00 gets you in, and all the laughs and learning you can handle are on the house.

Nerd Nite 14: Nerdigras!


It’s Nerdigras everyone!

Come out and celebrate nerdery at Teatro Zuccone. Show off your nerdiness for beads! Witness the breathtaking beauty of Minecraft!  Marvel at the coolness of possibly the only person you know that doesn’t like Firefly!  Gasp in awe as we finally end the debate of which Star Wars movie is best.

February 21, doors open at 7:00. Get your drink, get your ticket and get your seat. It’s the best way to warm up on a chilly February night. Tickets are $5.00.

That’s cheaper than The Phantom Menace in 3-D and infinitely more entertaining.


Directions to the Theater

Nerd Nite 13! Dec 14


Join us once again for Nerd Nite at Teatro Zuccone!


Presentations, games, knowledge, sarcasm, Star Wars references, robots, beer, and revelry!

We’re an informal gathering of nerds, geeks, smarty-pantses, and all around pretty cool people who share ideas, hobbies, knowledge and sometimes brilliance with the Twin Ports.

This month, the Duluth East Robotics Club is showing off their buddy ARCHIE, you’ll learn some social vernacular, and what your personality says about you.  ALL THAT FOR JUST $5.00!!!

Doors open at 7, we start promptly at 7:30ish.

Be there, AND be square.

Nerd Nite 12: November 16


Come one come all! Nerd Nite 12 is almost here!

Legos, Axis and Allies and the Golden Girls, with special remarks regarding They Might Be Giants and Shark Jumping.  Fun times for all. See you there.

Nerd Nite: Eleventy

Nerd Nite X: Greatest Hits

Over the past year and a half, Nerd Nite Duluth has offered to the Twin Ports nine cavalcades of education and entertainment. With such a heady and exciting event as our 10th show, we wanted to allow our audience to be able to revisit some of their favorite topics all the while allowing our favorite presenters back on stage!


The votes are tallied and our 4 presenters making their triumphant returns are

Building the props of Star Wars – Nate Lindstrom

Number Stations – John Lee

The Settlers of Catan: Great game or greatest game  – Eva Nordling

The Five Movies To Take to a Deserted Island – Jeremy Nilson

Join us, July 27

Doors open at 6:30 and show starts at 7.

Bring a friend, buy a beer, sit back learn something that might save your life.