Jeremy Nilson

Jeremy Nilson is a man of the north insofar as he wears flannel in a non-ironic way. Jeremy feels strongly about Star Wars, has redefined Foosball and speaks in movie quotes without realizing it more often than should be admitted. He is fascinated with Abraham Lincoln, Scooby Doo and zombies. I you want to play a board game, he’ll play. And win.





Mary Hall

Mary Hall is a nerd. She likes board games, dressing up like mythical creatures, and convincing people to play video games with her.







Pirate Luke


Luke Sharman

Enjoying a good bandwagon when he sees one, Luke Sharman also likes table-top board games. Other things that rent space in Luke’s head include food and culture in genre fiction, megafauna, social and literary theory, evolutionary psychology, the horrors of our moment in history and the Muppets.