> Costume Contest for Nerd Nite on October 30th

Costume Contest for Nerd Nite on October 30th

For our 19th Nerd Nite, the Alpha Nerds of Nerd Nite Duluth wanted to add a bit more audience participation to the mix.  So in addition to the great presentations about Scooby Doo, Classic Horror Movies, and Japanese Toilets, we want our audience to  dress up!  We all know you have a Storm Trooper outfit that is gathering dust, or a red shirt that is just lying around – its time to put it on!
And we have prizes and certificates all ready to go for:
  • Nerdiest.
  • Most Obscure.
  • Most Interactive
  • Cleverest? (WTF does that even mean?)
  • Obviously Thrown Together At the Last Minute.
  • Not really trying.
  • Inappropriately Sexy (Jawa? My Little Pony?  Cthulu?)

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